End of Finals Week, Shakespeare too

So today is the last day of finals for this term. And, since I don’t have to take finals Spring of Senior year, it is the end of finals forever. So all I have to do is endure one more presentation and some bootleg grammar test and maybe another online test that I don’t know about and its over, bitch, no more finals.

In the words of Henry V, “Once more unto the breech, dear friends”

Last night Jay and I went to see the Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged at the Philadelphia Shakespeare Festival, which, by the way, is a glorious misnomer and I would sooner call it the Philadelphia Shakespeare Company, as opposed to festival. Anyway, the show. It was mad funny, thats about the long and short of it. The way I could tell was how Jay was laughing….at Shakespeare. This is a guy who swears by Chris Farley movies and Jack Black music. (Jack Black makes music?). Still, there was just enough old-fashioned Shakespeare to keep me level amidst pop culture references galore and low blows at the Republican Party and intellectuals in general. I could have done without the vomiting as a recurring gag. Oh well.

Wouldn’t it be grand if I have enough time to just watch plays and write in my weblog. One day…hopefully soon.

Enough of me saying nothing, I need to go and give a presentation and make up shit on the spot to impress and otherwise-stoic class of soon-to-be lifeless engineering types. I swear, I make it all up as a go along and they are amazed.

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Mar 2004

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