Bonfire Night

Guy Fawkes Day and all the madness that goes with it.

Of course, me being a fool, I forgot to charge my battery for the picture taking. Let me describe it using….words.

First, we assembled in the center of town and watched as the Bag and Drum corp from Reading marched noisily in front of the town populous. Everyone was carrying torches as we marched up Castle Street, it was quite a site in fact. Then we proceeded to Farnham Park and put out our torches before the fireworks. We’ve all seen fireworks before, but its a bit different when you’re standing up and its vaguely raining and its November. Things we take for granted: July. After the fireworks, a huge bonfire was set alight burning stuffed models of Guy Fawkes, Harry Potter and two other dummies (perhaps Blair and Bush, or Bush and Chaney).


Nov 2004

  • Charlie

    I read up on Guy Fawkes and i think I remember reading something about him years ago. Anyway, Scott, you are from New Jersey and should talk like a proper American. If you don’t want to do that, at least talk like a Puerto Rican however the hell they’re supposed to talk. Or maybe talk like a gangaster and say stuff like “hae, copper. You’ll nevea catch me shee?” But really, man, actually going out of your way to aquire an British ascent is kind of lame, but I told you that before.

    Sorry to hear about your finger (or is it “fingre” over there)? I checked out that rugby site you sent me the link to. Thanks.

    Don’t tell anyone yet, but I may not be able to take my leave on November 23rd. I might find out what the deal is today. If I can not take it on the 23rd I will probably not take leave until some time in December or January. If you are coming home some time around then, I’ll take my leave days so we can hang out.

    Time to get back to work. Peace!