Return to Skool Disco

Somehow, I feel that I’ve been here before…oh wait. School is back in session – with a new name and some new faces, but otherwise unchanged.

The question of the night, from old friends, teammates, acquaintances, and random folk I don’t really know that well: “What are you doing here?” I suppose the answer varies, depending on how existential you want to get.

Perhaps its me being jaded and exhausted and generally deflated, but I didn’t think this disco was as good as last years? Just didn’t seem to be as fun for everyone, and I didn’t do much dancing, so maybe that’s it. Anyway, here are photos.

By the way, I have since eliminated commenting from this site – so if you want tell me something, you’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way, via email. Use the contact page.


Sep 2005

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