Good Night, Sweet Spence

Today, we bid adieu to John Spencer, the actor who played Leo McGarry on The West Wing.

So, why am I writing about this on my website? Why has this event given me the motivation to post after more than a month of not doing anything? Because Leo, (and John) was the man! While I feel a strong connection to nearly all the characters of The West Wing, I can say without a doubt that Leo was my favourite character. Leo was a bad-ass. A retired fighter pilot and aerospace contractor, Leo knew his shit. And what’s more, he knew people. Credited as the “best political mind in the party” he made sense of the ever-chaotic world that is Washington and inspired his staff on the show, and people in real life, like me.

Whether or not Leo represents acutal people is irrelevant. In my eyes, he is a man who was educated, witty, dedicated, loyal, astute, gutsy, and quirky all at the same time. Not without fault, Leo was also a recovering alcoholic, showing his character depth and posessing another invaluable human trait, the ability to face up to mistakes and rise again. And again. And again. Leo has inspired me over the past few years, and my own WWLeoD thought process has gotten me through more than one tough decision.

So the question now, what will become of the Santos/McGarry campaign? Who will replace Santos on the ticket? Will he see a bump in polling numbers from the sympathy vote, or will the new running mate mean voters will scramble to Vinnick. And when are these episode to be filmed? Damnit John, why did you have to die!

I’m crying now.


Dec 2005

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