This shit again?

An eventful day at Drexel, me being an alumnus. First, to the rugby. It rained, but that didn’t stop us. In the mud, it felt just like old times, playing against the undergrads with most of my teammates from yesteryear. Of course the alumni won, and I scored a try, no less.

BBQ followed, and the usually hullabaloo with red cups and dodgy chicken and mud caked-on the faces of young men. Eventually, singing breaks out and someone does something nasty, like drinking beer from a dirty, rubbery boot. Imagine that….

And by night, a dance show. The Drexel Dance Ensemble with their spring show, “Progression”. Good to see the old faces, and of course, new ones.

After that, we found ourselves at New Deck, some random ass bar that apparently makes good food. A few pics, but otherwise inconsequential.

And by now, I’m tired. Drive home while I’m still awake. At least, I think I’m still awake…


Jun 2006

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