Hyde and go Seek

Today, I checked out of the hostel, waived adieu to Laura, sat in the internet cafe for a few hours, then went to Hyde Park to sit in the shade and listen to my podcasts. And I’m ok with that.

I grudgingly posted home a box of laundry and a spare jacket. Totalled 3kg, which was a bit of a shock. The cost was a bit shocking as well, especially having to buy the box and the tape! In fact, I left the roll of tape at the post office by accident – what would I have done with it anyway. I am spending a fortune, being nickel-and-dimed, (although Britain uses neither nickels nor dimes) but there is nothing is nothing I can really do about it.

And then to Mwenda’s place, just for some relaxing and watching of telly. Fancy satellite no less. Tomorrow, to Guildford for graduation.


Jun 2006

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