Norf London

Out to Finsbury Park for RiseLondon – an annual music festival to celebrate diversity and eradicate racism and all that bollocks. But for Keith and I, it meant a day out with people of all colours and shapes and sizes and odors.

Jamaican food on this side of the pond is surprisingly disappointing. As is soft-serve ice cream. (here, they don’t fill the cone, they just set the ice cream on top. Cheap bastards). But even here, there are hippies. Loads of em. Old Jamaican men with greying dreads, teenagers with facial piercings, families with small children in strollers, and pretty much anyone else you can imagine.

Shooting from the hip at all the coloured randomness.

And the first few shots are just me sitting having lunch at a pub in Marylebone. I like this area of London because the streets are wide and light can penetrate. Buildings are tall, as if they were actually planned that way. Streets come to intersections. In other words, it reminds me of New York.


Jul 2006

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