Just added a new belt hole.

p>Just added a new belt hole.

I feel like a brand new, slightly thinner man.

Actually, I remember where I bought this belt. It was at the TImberland store in Woodbury Commons. I remember it because it was on a random road trip I took with Alicia, on who I was crushing at the time. In retrospect, the fact that she took a journey with me to another state was perhaps a sign that she fancied me a little. Or she _really_ wanted to do some shopping. In her case, I can't quite tell. Live and learn, I suppose.

I can't pinpoint the date, though. I was driving, so it would have been after June, 1998 when I got my license, but I believe we were in school, so maybe it was the following Fall. But did I still hang with Alicia during that time? Maybe it was Summer.

If only I had taken photos and blogged 'em.

Anyway, the point is that back then I used to wear my pants around my ass. Then in college I tightened my belt a bit, then a bit more, then today I added a new one. The big messy hole you see had been in use for over ten years. I think I'm just going to drive this belt into the ground rather than buy a new one.


May 2011

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