Built a desk

Built a desk

Although an entire room in my apartment is an office/studio, I felt the desk situation was less than ideal. This addition, several months in planning, helps provide a bit of surface where I can cut-and-mount things, and also where someone else can come for the day to help me work.

It's also a bit of a DIY project. The wood top was salvaged from where Rashan and I dismantled the silly box that housed my fridge upon move-in, and the frame is built from 1/2" gas piping. To cover the desktop with smooth wood, I bought some Con-tact paper and carefully applied it. (I dunno if it's exactly the right material for a surface, but since it's not my main desk, it should suffice. If the wood itself was better, I would have finished it with some polyurethane, or something.


Jul 2011

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