She’s a brick … House.

She's a brick ... House.

The reason I'm in Petaluma is to attend a taping of This Week in Google, on the TWiT Network. The Brick House is their newly-minted studio, where TWiG, and a host of other shows are shot. They have a pretty cool open-door policy where fans and viewers can come by and visit, to watch a show or just say hi. With a bit of email correspondence to schedule a trip, I was off.

Got to meet Leo, Jason Howell, Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, and Iyaz Akhtar. It's funny meeting people in real life who you've only familiar with on-screen. They look so ... three dimensional. Also, Sarah and Leo are both much taller than I imagined. Oh wells.

Now if only Hollywood had a similar policy. I'd be watching every taping of The Simpsons.


Sep 2011

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