Help Me Move to Manhattan

I haven’t yet begun a full-scale social media campaign, but I am posting here on my most personal of blogs that I am officially looking to move to Manhattan. Actually, it’s not that “official”, I just am. If you are reading this, whoever you are, please connect me to any family or friends who may have an apartment for me.

I am looking solo (studios and 1-bedrooms, probably way uptown), as well as for roommates who would be interested in a mutual apartment hunt. I’ll also consider a “roommate needed” situation, where I join an existing domestic situation, but that’s less likely. Still, I’ll hear it out.

Looking to spend less than $1500/month for my share. Any more than this simply isn’t responsible.

Currently I’m month-to-month in my apartment so I can move as soon as I find something (plus a few days to pack my shit up, of course. Not like I’m on the run from the law.)

You’re probably asking three questions. The first: “Can you afford Manhattan?” No. Not really. No one moves to Manhattan because it’s a bargain. Second: “What’s wrong with Jersey City?” Nothing, it’s just dull. It’s where you go once you and your long-term girlfriend have had enough of Manhattan drama. Third: “What’s wrong with Brooklyn?” I used to live in Brooklyn. It’s more expensive than JC, and since I don’t work there or play there, I really don’t want to be there. The only neighbourhood I’m familiar with is Williamsburg and I don’t wanna move back there.


Sep 2012

  • twingomatic

    You CAN afford Manhattan if you move to Harlem like me! :]

    – Leah

  • Mom

    Did you call Edgar? Go take a look.