divingtank.com is the personal blog of Scott Perez-Fox. These days, divingtank.com is mainly a photoblog site, with my snapshots and captions taking center stage. Writings and rants of other sorts can also be found, but in lesser quantity (and quality).

This is the latest incarnation of my personal blog site. For years, my personal blog existed at perezfox.com, but I made the decision to split the two sites, and keep my personal stuff separate from my ‘professional’ site/design blog. divingtank.com is technically version 5, but versions 1 and 2 were the business face of now-defunct Diving Tank Studios, LLC. perezfox.com is currently on version 8, although there were some previous ‘non-versions’ way way back in the days of geocities, et al.

I’ll fill this in later.

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