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Warcraft to the Rescue, Again

Last July, I was in kind of a slump, especially creatively. I just had no focus and I was questioning everything. It was odd sort of teenage resurgence that had me in a really bad state in general. Somehow, me buying Warcraft III and proceeding to fiend it, instead of doing homework, seemed to work and I was once again able to focus and my imagination returned to its normal fortitude. The same thing has happened again.

I got myself the expansion pack to Warcraft III and its awesome. Now, like last summer, the part of my brain that generates fantasy is working overtime. Jay and I are trying to come up with some stories which we can sell to comic book companies, even Marvel and DC. We have been picking up clients at a rather nice pace, although far too few of the projects actually seem to get passed the conceptual phase. Thats another story, the point is, Warcraft is good. I love the world they created and sometimes, usually after playing it for numerous hours on end, I can see it projected on the back of my eyelids. Its a typical sign of overplay, which is not always a bad thing. Better that than thermodynamics. Harry Potter also helped. I am currently on chapter 34 out of 38 in Order of the Phoenix and it has consumed me to the point where I have dreams that I am Harry. In my dreams, as Harry, I am having dreams that I am Voldemort or something. Its odd, but fun.

Ok, thats all for now. I really need to make more entries. Tomorrow, I plan on going dancing with Charlie and Kendra and possibly Alexis and we’ll see who else.


06 2003

Warcraft to the rescue

As of late, I am finding it hard to focus. My motivation for doing anything seems less and less apparent. I still manage to get up in the morning, and get to the gym, and get my laundry done, but I keep wondering why. Lately, my sole reason for going to class is “because I like physics” but this fails when it comes time to do homework. I havent had a creative idea in weeks and haven’t made anything that can be called artwork. Havent even generated any memorable quotes.

And to my rescue came Warcraft III.

One might think that playing video games would cause your brain to rott and that your abilities to think analytically or creatively would dwindle into nothing, but this was quite the jumpstart I needed to break the summer depression/block. Suddenly, life seems fun again, I see things when I close my eyes and hear music when there is only silence. Strategy and urgency combined with fantasy and fiction are the perfect cure for the hypnotic drudgery of Philadelphia.

Its a shame all my new-found good ideas are sitting stagnant as I play Warcraft like it was my job…


07 2002

Back to Kelly Hall

I never expected to end the night back at Kelly Hall, my old Freshman dorm, sitting in a messy room, playing Soul Caliber with girls I just met (girls play Soul Caliber?) and somehow loosing. It was one of those nights. The rugby formal always seems to bring out the most interesting behavior in my teammates. I just didn’t expect they would get naked in a restaurant the way they did, and always do. But in the end, it was good times. Not for that reason.


05 2002

Return from Seaside, thank God

Today I returned from our excursion to Seaside Park and it is good to be back, at least for me. In the words of Upton Sinclair, it is “the drainage of the great festering ulcer of society.” We had some fun though. We took pictures with the dig, but they are on Mikes comp and I took some more but I have to get them developed and scanned so don’t expect them for a week or so. Check out what the pics page is going to be like once I get all the links functional. A final note: FUCK POKE-MAN!!!


07 1999

Around town, taking pictures

Earliest known digital photos. There are a few missing from this set, not sure where they went.


10 1997