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We’re Number One!

Drexel University is, once again, the ugliest college campus in America.

Drexel University's campus
Drexel’s campus, an urban wasteland?

According to a new post on CampusSqueeze, Drexel has beat out the nation’s outdated and unloved universities to take home the dubious honour. I cheekily punched the air and proclaimed “yes” when I read this, however I don’t truly believe this to be the case. However, it’s hard to disagree when you put it like this:

1. Drexel University – Won Ugliest Campus in the Country in 2002 and guess what? No one made any changes. They still have prison-like dorms (shocker) and massive orange, yes orange, brick buildings from the ’70’s. It’s small, sporadic, and basically Philadelphia’s urban dumpster called a higher place of learning. That’s embarassing. The people of Drexel (the administrators, not the students) need to wake up and look around their filthy campus and shape it up.

Mmm, there’s more to it than that…

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12 2007

A night at Drew, for some reason

Stayed up way too late. Still sick a week later.


04 2004