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Another Saturday Night

Out for another party, this time on the campus of LSE. Always and adventure when you turn up to a party and there is damn near no one there. Forced to make friends, I suppose. The place starting filling up and eventually became really, really loud.

Bonetti had a good time, she staggered home at some point. I left a bit earlier and took the Night Bus. Of course, since Oxford St. is still down for the count, got a nice little detour of central London on a Saturday night. Seems everyone is having loads of fun, and here I am on the bus.

Make your own captions…


06 2006

Wouldn’t it be Lover-ly

Woke up late and scrambled over to watch Australia v. Ireland in rugby. Then, the early part of the afternoon was spent on the streets of Covent Garden, looking at T Shirts, street performers, cool buildings, and just admiring the view.


06 2006

Ham & Cheese in City and Southwark

St. Paul’s Cathedral, Millenium Bridge, Southwark Cathedral, Open-air Market, Tate Modern, Shakespeare’s Globe and the winding alleys of old Londinium. Strangely, it seems that I’ve been here before…probably because I have. But its always fun. And its new to Bonetti, who nearly shit herself upon seeing Bridget Jones’ House.


06 2006

Somewhere in the West End

There is a basement with lots of smoke, loud music, low ceilings and one helluva crazy party. Bonetti found it more ironic than I did that young Londoners rock out to 1950s American Rock-n-roll, like Chuck Berry, for example. This is sort of the jive/rock/blues scene and the kids roll with a distinct more of dress, hair, and make-up. The only way I can describe it is “non-punk”.

One of those nights where I had to turn on the slow-synchro flash and just rock out in the classic head bobbing fashion. I found it hard to breathe, so dancing was out of the question.

Reminds me of Last Night’s Party, except less exclusive, and with less nudity. Unfortunately.


06 2006

Look out, Westminster

…Scott and Laura are on the scene. We covered a lot of turf today, being day 1 and all.

From St. James’ to the Palace for some sort of ceremony, apparently, then onto whitehall and Trafalgar, a stop at the National Gallery, then over to the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey (finally, the inside!), stop to watch the USA lose to Ghana in the World Cup, and back to St. James Station.

Then to Oxford St. – Topshop, which by the way is completely manic, and westward, on foot, back to Queensway and our little resting place. The night is young.

Not a bad day’s work walk.


06 2006

A Hard Day’s Flight

From Newark to Boston and onto Heathrow, its been a helluva night. But successful. I arrived in London after a smooth-sailing flight, met up with Bonetti, later Jason and Aurelia, and managed to get a bite to eat without being totally ripped off. (not totally)

Still, an exhausting way to return to the UK. I hate travel.


06 2006

Happy Birthday Liz!

Her Majesty’s a pretty nice girl but she doesn’t have a lot to say…

Queen Elizabeth II turns 80 today and brings smiles to millions of faces around the world from New Zealand to Canada.

Not much else to say about it except…

The Queen was Fit back in the day!

The BBC have plenty of coverage and photos of all the fesivities.

…one day I’m gonna make her mine


04 2006

Missing Britain

I knew the answer to this question the instant I read it! (most of you are probably thinking, “Who the hell is Ian Paisley?”)

This time last year I was sitting in a crappy concrete house in Farnham, Surrey, playing Zelda: Windwaker on Nick’s Game Cube and watching celebrity panto highlights on BBC2 in between reruns of Bargain Hunt and University Challenge. I would eat half-packs of Waitrose brand digestives and drink really strong tea with far-too-much sugar. And I loved every minute of it!

Taking the BBC’s annual quiz was kinda like a year-in-review for my life in Britain, 2005. Obviously, I missed the tail end, but I kept current, you know. Its funny to see how many things actually happen in a year that you would otherwise forget so completely without consequence. In other words, the news is so amusing, but its so fleeting. Here today, gone tomorrow. Quite literally.

I miss the Channel 4 News. SO much better than any network in the US including CNN, MSNBC or any other the other bullshit cable outlets. Save us, John Snow! Save us! (and while you’re at it, run over to the BBC and grab Fiona Bruce and Hugh Edwards and of course Sir Trevor from ITV. And Lorraine Kelly, because of her accent! And Kirsty Gallacher because she’s just fit.)

Take the BBC Quiz of the Year’s News.


12 2005

Adieu Britain

Dear England,

After long consideration, I am making the heavy-hearted decision to leave you. You truly have no idea how deeply you’ve changed me, how much your company has meant to me and how my spirituality has grown and flourished under your tutoring.

I remember the first time we met; I was young and naive and knew nothing of the world. But you showed me another side to this Earth unlike any I had known, one of mystery and wonder and complexity and ill-beautiful chaos. The other side.

You tested me this year, you really did. You held me down and made me struggle and at times I wondered how I would survive without those simple things to which I had become so familiar. And yet, it didn’t take long for me to become likewise familiar in your company.

The rains came and left. Winter turned to summer and to winter again, and the months became a year. Another September has come and nearly gone – and like the seasons, I vanish, only to return again.

Thank you for everything. You haven’t seen the last of me.


Heathrow, Newark, and that strange place in between known as the Atlantic. No aeroports for me, at least for a little while.


09 2005

Such Tourists

Once more through the streets of London, this time as tourists. Sort of.

Nick, Hugh, Ana, and Sofia and me, young, foreign and in London. A night tour of the Capital never seemed to so carefree.

These are the times to be missed.


09 2005