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A Night at Cryan’s

No matter how much I try to stay away, I always seem to find myself back on this particular night. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, our local festering watering hole, Cryan’s, is transformed into an impromptu high school reunion.

Of course I like seeing the fellas again, and I see them pretty regularly. And there are a few folks I always enjoy seeing like Kitty Wilder or Damian Power (pictured below). And there are always a few surprises like Bryan Mills (!) who appeared out of absolutely thin air.

But generally, its an exhausting night of bumping and pushing my way through screaming crowds. Unnecessarily loud music and the plastic cups make it seems more and more like a frat party. The basement venue doesn’t help any. Whatever, it wasn’t so bad this time around. Gotta love that NJ smoking ban.

Something I say every year, but I’ll say it again – I’m not going back next year. Ugh, who am I kidding.

a night at Cryan's

a night at Cryan's

a night at Cryan's

a night at Cryan's

a night at Cryan's

a night at Cryan's

a night at Cryan's

a night at Cryan's

a night at Cryan's

a night at Cryan's

a night at Cryan's

a night at Cryan's

a night at Cryan's

a night at Cryan's

a night at Cryan's

a night at Cryan's


11 2006

From Tha Hip

I hate to start every post with “its been a while”, but it has been a while. At least, its been a while since I actually went out in the world and took pictures of stuff. This, in spite of the fact that I carry a camera wherever I go. But that’s not the point.

Went to see Joaquin and the Subliminal Orphans perform “From Tha Hip” down in Philly. It was a pretty cool, a show about the history of Hip-Hop dance told as a story of a young boy lost in Philadelphia. Pretty cool with the breakdancing and live band, etc.


10 2006

Summer Sandwiches

Sandwiches and live music in a Maplewood back yard. In this case, Joaquin’s back yard.

Rogoff and Charlie came through, and a game of beer pong inevitably broke out. Oh children, when will we grow up?


08 2006

Mon Jour

All assembled in South Orange for a night of food, coffee, drinks and laughter. A simple thanks to all who showed up to wish me happy 25.


05 2006

Represent The Goat

Joaquin tickling the ivories (or in this case, plastics) once again at The Goat, this time backing Subliminal Orphans.

Personally, I don’t think Hip-Hop, however ‘fun’, doesn’t belong in a suburban coffee shop! Especially because the crowds literally have no where to move, and by move I mean jump around. Not a huge fan.

I am a huge fan of Joaquin, Wiley, and Charlie P. also known as the rhythm section.


03 2006

Forest and City

Nothing beats a February walk through the South Mountain Reservation with Joaquin and Peter and Blue (the dog).

In barren winter,
Sun shines brightly through the trees.
A dog is running.












And later, in what seems like world away, off to The Dekk in TriBeCa to watch Keith Malley’s new DVD. Pictured below, me with Keith and the Girl and random shots of the World Trade Center PATH Station which is by far the cleanest (because its the newest) station in the whole NYC Metro Area. In my opinion, 14th St. has got to be the filthiest, as it features layer upon layer of caked on greasy randomness.

See also, my opinions about the The Geico Gecko





02 2006

Joaquin Live

Joaquin, Danny, and Wiley – currently known as Aminal. A performance at The Goat in South Orange. Wanna hear the set? Head on over to to check out the latest episode and subscribe to our podcast.

















02 2006

Forgotten Architecture

Sometimes, you just notice things in this, the city of glass and stone and steel. Flickering neon and mangled metal, pipes on the Path train, and Hoboken station – into which most people never even enter.


11 2005

Bon Voyage to me

So yes, there was a party for me this Sunday, and my people came through and a good time was had by all. The fact is, I didn’t actually get too many shots, but managed to pull off a nice ‘team photo’ a la Order of the Phoenix.


08 2004

Andrew Nagy’s Art

Andrew Nagy, Columbia Graduate and South Orange ex-patriot, and his gallery opening in NYC. Part of the Media Project for the fictitious US Department of Art & Technology. I don’t quite get it, but thats art for ya.

Pictures mainly of Joaquin, Ethan and Katie. Not pictured, Andrew Nagy, and Angie….sigh.


08 2004