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Pancakes for dinner. Bachelor living.

Pancakes for dinner. Bachelor living.

Pancake Tuesday, a tradition that most of the English-speaking world abides by but somehow evaded Yankee culture for these many centuries. I guess we were to distracted by Mardi Gras, which is generally borrowed from Catholic cultures, whereas Britain's Protestant ideals are less shimmery by comparison.

I'll take my PhD now.


02 2012

10 Years of Thankfulness

Today is Thanksgiving, and tomorrow is our ten-year reunion. And while I’m not usually the sappy type to list things for which I am thankful, I have to say that over the last ten years, I have a lot to be thankful for. When added up, the past decade has been an immense time for me — learning, seeing, growing, doing — and it has made me the man I am today. So in spite of my less-than-brilliant life situation (eg, broke, single, unemployed), I still have to give thanks.

In the last ten years, I:

  • Moved to Philadelphia
  • Survived my first term at college
  • Made the Dean’s List
  • Learned to play rugby
  • Became good at video games
  • Mastered basic Calculus
  • Visited London
  • Learned to Salsa dance
  • Moved back to Maplewood
  • Got my first [indoor, professional] job
  • Voted in my first Presidential election
  • Became a disgruntled working stiff
  • Got fired
  • Joined a Shakespeare troupe
  • Built websites
  • Attempted Modern Dance
  • Learned to Swing Dance
  • Attempted Ballet
  • Visited Minneapolis
  • Joined a Fraternity
  • Forgot how to Salsa dance
  • Mastered the finer points of Shakespeare
  • Mastered the finer points of Christopher Marlowe
  • Visited London
  • Worked as a graphic designer
  • Read all the Harry Potter books
  • Visited New Orleans
  • Performed modern dance and ballet
  • Finished a degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Moved back to Maplewood
  • Worked an unpaid internship
  • Moved to England
  • Visited London frequently
  • Learned the basics of British culture
  • Voted absentee ballot in a Presidential Election
  • Visited Paris
  • Learned to use Chopsticks
  • Mastered the finer points of British culture
  • Picked up a British accent
  • Waited on line for the midnight release of a Harry Potter book
  • Earned a Master’s Degree in Graphic Communication
  • Moved back to Maplewood
  • Freelanced as a graphic designer
  • Lost a British accent
  • Started a design blog
  • Started a podcast
  • Got a full-time job
  • Moved to Brooklyn
  • Became a disgruntled working stiff
  • Quit a full-time job
  • Returned to Freelancing
  • Trained for a marathon
  • Waited on line for the midnight release of a Harry Potter book
  • Ran a marathon
  • Returned to playing rugby
  • Moved to Jersey City
  • Started a blog about business cards
  • And the rest is just details.

    Thanks to everyone who made the last 10 years necessary.

    The O-Nauguration

    In honour of our 44th President, I made O-shaped pancakes. It’s really not that hard, just put a glass in the middle of the pan and then take it away once the first side is cooked.

    Julia came over and we watched the speech and festivities. So glad to be rid of Bush; I can barely formulate a sentence to describe how much.

    strange days indeed

    strange days indeed


    01 2009


    Mission Accomplished

    After two years of official and unofficial campaigning, we awake this morning to an America that looks forward to it’s first black President. More than that, we look forward to the change and progress so desperately needed after four years of … well, tyranny, under Bush 43.

    I feel as though a huge burden is finally lifted from my shoulders. The weight of the world now falls on Obama, although he’s got a lot of supporters to share the load. With wide-eyed optimism we face the future. The spectre of the past 8 years is all but exorcised. We have a renewed sense of pride.

    America is back. And I am, at least for a little while, at peace.

    Photos from my voting experience, and the post-announcement celebration at the Cotler house. Charlie was in attendance, as was Johanna and my parents, and many other parents of classmates and other from my +1 generation.

    strange days indeed

    strange days indeed

    strange days indeed

    strange days indeed

    strange days indeed


    11 2008

    Bullshit: Hot Topic for Election ’08


    10 2007

    Bush worse than Satan

    A hilarious poll, brought to us via, shows that George W. Bush is the top villain of 2006. I wholeheartedly agree.

    Bush worse than Satan

    Watch the video here


    12 2006

    Gay Apparel

    At Scott Richardson’s pad for the First Annual Cheesy Holiday Sweater Cocktail Party. Not much else to say about it. Oh wait, actually I’ve got about two hours worth of shit to say over on where we podcasted a bit of a marathon episode with a number of random co-hosts.

    Here’s a few photos to get you through those long winter nights.

    strange days indeed

    strange days indeed

    strange days indeed

    strange days indeed

    strange days indeed

    strange days indeed

    strange days indeed

    strange days indeed

    strange days indeed


    12 2006

    News Flash: FOX News sucks.

    I just found it slightly shocking to see that FOX News, long admitted to be a conservative bedfellow of the Republican party, has abandoned all subtleties by runnings GOP Ads right on the front page. To whom can I write a letter and demand they disregard -everything- FOX News ever has to say about anything from now until infinity? And by write a letter I mean jump from a helicopter through their glass ceiling dressed in black with an automatic rifle.

    The reason I was on FOX News’ website in the first place was because I had just finished reading Al Franken’s latest book and I wanted a good laugh about how fake journalism can sway the minds of all those so-called Americans.


    02 2006

    What’s the Catch?

    Ok, this I found slightly comical. Seems everyone is trying to cash in on the iPod phenomenon. It’s good to know that I can get those three free songs just for joining the National Guard and risk going to Iraq to die. Otherwise, it might have cost me $3.

    Today I spent more than a few seconds on those spam sites that offer a free Mac Mini if you subscribe to a magazine or something. When did the internet become a playground for advertising? This is arguably worse than the whole concept of spam because now obnoxious advertising is invading legitimate sites. Shame people, shame. (bandwith costs money, I know)

    And Google is right in the middle of it all. They made a name for themselves by producing the be-all and end-all of search engines and followed it up with an excellent map system. But these days, it seems they are just the largest peddler of cheesy ads since MTV.

    Online applications? Ad-based software? It would seem Web 2.0 is not the Titanic it claims to be. Or rather, maybe it is. Time will tell, of course, but I have the feeling that Ads are an eternal part of whatever future is coming our way.


    01 2006

    Good Night, Sweet Spence

    Today, we bid adieu to John Spencer, the actor who played Leo McGarry on The West Wing.

    So, why am I writing about this on my website? Why has this event given me the motivation to post after more than a month of not doing anything? Because Leo, (and John) was the man! While I feel a strong connection to nearly all the characters of The West Wing, I can say without a doubt that Leo was my favourite character. Leo was a bad-ass. A retired fighter pilot and aerospace contractor, Leo knew his shit. And what’s more, he knew people. Credited as the “best political mind in the party” he made sense of the ever-chaotic world that is Washington and inspired his staff on the show, and people in real life, like me.

    Whether or not Leo represents acutal people is irrelevant. In my eyes, he is a man who was educated, witty, dedicated, loyal, astute, gutsy, and quirky all at the same time. Not without fault, Leo was also a recovering alcoholic, showing his character depth and posessing another invaluable human trait, the ability to face up to mistakes and rise again. And again. And again. Leo has inspired me over the past few years, and my own WWLeoD thought process has gotten me through more than one tough decision.

    So the question now, what will become of the Santos/McGarry campaign? Who will replace Santos on the ticket? Will he see a bump in polling numbers from the sympathy vote, or will the new running mate mean voters will scramble to Vinnick. And when are these episode to be filmed? Damnit John, why did you have to die!

    I’m crying now.


    12 2005