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Whitehall & Trafalgar

After a visit to Wheel in London, decided to take a walk and see the Raphael Exhibit at the National Gallery. Not a substitute for the Vatican, by any means, but a good time none the less.

I learned another important lesson today about the National Rail service – don’t travel before 9 am! My return ticket to London was inflated by abut 2.5x because I had to leave in the morning for a 9 am meeting, which I wound up being really late to. £24 – What the Fuck! Thank you President Bush, they dollar is officially worth less than ‘loo roll’ on this side of the Atlantic.

yea yea I’m the taxman…


11 2004

USA! I mean NHS!

Wednesday was a depressing day. After retiring to bed at 6:20 am, I awoke to learn that we did not in fact have a President, so basically I wasted an entire night’s sleep for nothing. I don’t want to say anything more about the election except, “I won’t live in George Bush’s America”.

So we set off to play rugby with 13 men. Pretty pathetic, in fact, and we arrived and were given only 5 minutes to warm up, again. After playing a decent but still sub-par match, I dislocated my finger making a shitty tackle.

I felt a little hit on my hand, so I looked at my finger and saw it was shaped like a Z, obviously the wrong shape. Without causing a big fuss, I walked off the field where Rob was nice enough to drive me to hospital. And to make a long story short, the NHS comes through and with little drama, I got my finger put back together by a South African doctor.

What’s funny is that when I was all gassed up, I was talking with an impeccable British Accent, no trace of North Jersey at all. It was bizarre.

Karaoke was shit as well. And the day ended the way it began, with me being tired as hell. Thank you Wednesday.


11 2004

Pre-Election Woes

Yesterday I spent £5 on Laundry. WTF.

And the US election is getting more press here than any other story. BBC, ITV, and CH4 have been flooding the airways with documentaries, interviews, and other press coverage, alongside the candidates as they wrap things up.

I left my nails a bit long so that I can bite them as I stay up all night and watch the fate of my home country, and the world, unfold. Tomorrow morning, you will either find me strangely relieved, as if I am finally able to breathe, having walked through a room of poisonous gas – or else you will see a defeated man, in mourning, rather than rage. And be certain of tears.

O the suspense…


11 2004

Sort of a low weekend

Haven’t posted any photos from the past few days, largely because I haven’t taken any. I opted not to attend the past few events on campus, money is part of it, but also, I just needed to catch up on some sleep. Been sleeping a lot.

Went to train with Farnham Rugby on Thursday, played a full game on Saturday. We lost, and it rained. So basically it was a crappy day all in all. Sunday was a great day weatherwise and we trained with the Surrey Institute team. Monday is gloomy.

The bank sent my atm card to Maplewood. I had to call and cancel it and request a new one – so basically I’m still doing the bank account shuffle. The dollar is down against the pound, Kerry is down against Bush (according to all right-wing media). My clients decide to be funny and use MS frontpage, which in a roundabout way undermines my work.

So basically its a slump. But I’m going swing dancing tonight. Spending a lot of money, but I need to.


09 2004

October, you’ve been good, so far.

As October begins, I have taken a step back from my ultra-busy existence to realize that things are pretty good as of now. Our team is doing well, I started a new job, which so far is great, and for some reasons, its still summer. But all that will change now that I have jinxed it. I have been victim to some of the most random events ever known to man in the past few weeks…

“Wanna join the Cheerleading team? its good money.”

This is not even a new thing; for some reason, girls always try to get me to join the cheerleading team. Maybe its because I am athlete and a male, but too me theres something more. I refuse to think they badger every male athlete on campus, with the ploy of money no less, and only get 2 or 3 guys out there throwing girls 30 feet into the air. Personally, I hate cheerleaders, they annoyed me when I was in high school and now at University, they are just more theatrical, same nonsense. Rob Li is a cheerleader though, he seems to enjoy it, funny enough. The thing about cheerleaders, as much as they may annoy, you can’t help but look, I suppose that’s their function.

“Please go tomorrow and meet the Ambassador from Cuba”

Cuba has an ambassador? Well, sorta. Officially, he is not an ambassador since Cuba does not have an embassy in US Soil but he is the Chief Executive Minister of Foreign Affairs to the United States (or some nonsense title like that) and he is resident on Swiss soil at their Embassy in Washington. I had dinner with him the other night, it was an experience. Me and two of my Fraternity brothers sitting at a table in the White Dog Cafe listening to about an hour of latino-interest America-bashing. I can’t say I disagree with all of it though, there really is a thick cloud of lies that still hang over Cuba, but why? No one really knows, and if they do, they just don’t feel like telling us. I think its a total pride thing and has nothing to do with Communism or trade. Peter once proposed that the whole Cuba deal has something to do with the Kennedy Assassination, that could be. It could also be that we are still sore at them for trying to destroy the world with those missiles 40 years ago (this week), either way, it was cool to meet some big wig political activists. I totally felt like Elisa Doolittle, (How do you do, your Excellency.) I didn’t actually say that, a simple Mucho Gusto seemed to work, especially since my Spanish is not perfect enough to talk politics.

I didn’t take any pictures because of some crazy State Department regulations. I think I will just leave that one alone…

“We need more Halos”

This one is recent, mostly because I can’t remember some of the older ones, but today my boss comes to me and looks at something I was working on and remarks how we need more Halos. After a series of swooshing sounds and hand motions, I kinda figured out what she meant. So what is this notable? Well, just think about the last time someone used the world Halo in a sentence, its not a conversational word and its not a graphic design word. Ok, that wasn’t so good…

I need lunch.


10 2002