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Patillas a Las Vegas

The Patron Saint Festival of Patillas. Lots of lights and cheesy rides and on-the-spot eyebrow piercings. Not to mention drunk people and more Puerto Ricans than you can shake a stick at.

Also, random shots of Pollo Tropical who blatantly stole the Tropicana OJ font. Shame on Florida, again.


08 2004

El Yunque, and Chickens

Caribbean National Forest. Green and in all other ways cool.


08 2004

Isla Verde & Old San Juan

Summer Holiday to Puerto Rico, day one. Got off the plane and went straight to the beach, of course we were tragically unprepared to go to the beach that day so we went to Old San Juan.


08 2004

Puerto Rican Swapmeet

A hot day, plus a vacant lot, plus lots of random animals and stuff for sale equals excellent photos. We picked up some good rubbish, nothing terribly mind-blowing. What’s with those technicoloured rabbits??


03 2003

Lighthouse, Beach, and Bar

Rincón Lighthouse and other historic/interesting venues. A day relaxing at the beach, night playing pool at the bar. Forget the name of that bar, but there were some Americans there. And that girl ran naked, although I still don’t know why. What a bizarre series of events.


03 2003


Out in Rincón, with the Cotlers. Joaquin and Katie, the lovers. Ezie, the idle genius. Abby, the matriarch. Ita, living tradition. Eventually Don, the don.

What a way to spend Spring Break.


03 2003

Old San Juan, and puppies

Arrival in Puerto Rico, by myself, at Baba’s house, hanging with Tio Neco, taking the tour of Old San Juan at night, watching the teenagers assert their cool in the heat of the tropical night. Parrots on my shoulders and dogs around my ankles.


03 2003