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Classroom Randomness

Final tutorial session before final hand-ins. Damian and fellow classmates…


08 2005

Back to the Pacific Rim

At the Hog’s Head for a goodbye dinner for On-Young and Takashi. Taking photos with the vague attempt to make em look depth of field-ish.


08 2005

Hot Days in Farnham

Left to their own accort, in late Spring, Master’s Degree Students have been known to adopt silly behaviour, often ending in water fights.

The second hot day of the year, and the first time I spent a good number of hours in the sun. And yes, I admit that I got a bit burned on my upper shoulders. Trying to emulate my days of being “black from the back”, I suppose.

Jay, remember when Dane West thought I was Afro-American? Good times.

Spring has been shit here in the South of England, but Summer officially arrives on Tuesday, so we’ll see what it brings – maybe another heat wave.

I wish, wish, wish, I had taken a picture of Zero running around campus later that night with a laptop computer playing a DVD of some lesbian porn. Believe me, it was just as absurd as it sounds.


06 2005

It’s all Greek to me

Preaster festivities with the Greeks. Dancing, music, drunkenness and other random acts of being a postgraduate students.


03 2005

I’m a Teacher

Many of you have asked about my new job and since I haven’t properly explained what I am actually do, here’s a quick look at me, lately.

Although I am still a humble graduate student struggling to prove my worth in an academic and professional context, I am spending some time teaching undergrads. Officially, I am a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) for the Advertising and Brand Management (ABM) course, within the Faculty of Design, for what it’s worth. Francesco, head of ABM refers to me as a “sectional” which is the same title used for anyone who is not full-time faculty. So essentially, there are proper adults with degrees and everything who, like me, teach one or two classes a week but get paid more. Gotta love it.

What I actually teach is IT. That’s what they call it – it’s basically software, more specifically, design software. It is my job to teach the ABM first-years how to use the Adobe Creative Suite (ACS) for print design. They’re not graphic designers, per se, but they need to know this stuff, and so I tell em how it’s done. The ill truth is that design students don’t learn what they need to despite of how much time they may spend in front of the computer.

I’m enjoying it so far, that’s certain. It’s nice to have my own class, so I can actually watch students’ progress and build one lesson on to the next one, unlike the random times I have popped into Seldin’s class or when I filled in for Damian last term. And dealing with first-year design students is always an adventure.

Currently, they are working on the first project, the poster. Essentially, they have to create a poster to promote their favourite subject from school. I am actually quite looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. It’s an excersize in print lingo and crash course into InDesign. More projects as the term progresses, of course.

I am also teaching a short course in Photoshop for the first-year 3 Dimensional Design (3DD) students. That is really a crash course considering its only 5 weeks! Let me tell you, it’s strange to try and teach Photoshop in only 5 hours, I don’t see how someone can learn in that short time. Then again, I also find it strange that these kids are at an art college and they have never used Photoshop before.

Still playing Rugby for the Uni team but I have more or less stopped working at the pub for lack of time. Seems that they can’t fit me in with my crazy teaching schedule. And in my spare time, I am still working towards my Masters Degree in Graphic Communication (MA GC). Gotta love the alphabet soup!


02 2005

Year in review 2004

It’s been a while, I know. I have been lazy in adding entries, photos and the like, and my I can picture the look of perplexity on the faces of my readers as to why. And so although it is a few weeks late, allow me to summarise what I have been up to, and if you’ll have patience, the year in review, 2004.

I was glad to see 2004 end. Not that I ever enjoy getting older or tumbling forward through time while memories and opportunities slip away forever, but it was just such a crap year, one of the toughest I have had to endure.

On NYE2003, I had planned to stay in and do nothing, but Jay dragged me out to watch fireworks with the girl he was courting called Debbie. While it was nice to chat with people over age 18 for a change, I probably should have stayed home. The early winter was marked by me feeling disappointed in the fact that I was no longer performing in with the Underground Shakespeare Company (because I felt shafted out of roles for too many consecutive seasons) and because my Fraternity had all but died with the news that we would officially not have a line in the Spring 04. Winter Term at Drexel wore on with little consequence, and Spring came in vainglorious Philadelphia fashion.

The only good point of Winter was being accepted to grad school in England. It gave me something to keep in mind when I was ready to break things … and people.

There were, in fact, two clear highlights to the Spring Term. One, I won Research Day for my project on Vampires and was awarded $500 and a certain amount of prestige. Of course the money took 10 weeks to clear and I never did see my name in the paper, but that’s not the point. And, Spring Term 04, my final term at Uni, was the first time I managed to get straight As. I had come close several times, earning a lone B, but this was the first and only time I hit the 4.0

Dance seemed to be the only thing in my life that hadn’t fallen apart. In fact, dance got better and by the end, it was a lifestyle I didn’t want to give up. The performances were great and the memories weren’t bad either. History will smile upon my time dancing at Drexel.

And then I graduated. This was the most inflated and overrated event of my life to date – even more-so than the Senior Prom five years earlier. The whole event was over in two hours or so and aside from the cap and gown and other ridiculous rituals, it was just like any other day. Our parents came down, but we all cleared off quickly to evade the traffic and just to get on with our lives. No one seemed to care what I had gone through, no one even said “good luck” or “I know you’ll do well” or any of the banal lip service-esque phrases you usually hear at graduations. It made me seriously wonder “Why the Hell did I put myself through it all?”.

Summer was miserable. It began on a low note, having to move out and sublet my flat to what turned out to be a complete wanker of a frantic Pocono-based Temple student, and steadily got worse. I took me nearly two weeks to fully move out of Philly so for a while there, I was practically commuting. I will spare the comments about rising fuel prices and the fact that my car had shit air conditioning, but it was not a fun series of events. I was ‘working’ at Ron Ridgeway, Inc. which wasn’t bad except for the small detail of not being paid. It actually cost me money to go in and work. Seriously.

Somewhere along the way I sold everything I could including clothing, futons, my home theatre system and lots of other randomness. In spite of it, I had no money, no friends, no job, and really no direction. Summer, for all its natural glory, was the most depressed I have ever been in my life and I only made it through by playing music by Josh Rouse, MeShell Ndegeocello, Norah Jones and The Beatles and by watching re-runs of the West Wing.

Come September, and I was on that plane and my life had taken a serious turn, whether it was for better or worse remained to be seen.

Having arrived at The Surrey Institute of Art & Design, more trouble began, mainly concerning money. In fact, I have had every monetary problem imaginable in the nearly 6 months I have been here including funds sent to the wrong address, wrong account and in the wrong currency. I have been the victim of the dollar and its ever-plummeting nature. (Thanks George) and not to mention being brushed off by many, many, would-be part-time employers. But it was definitely an experience, meeting loads of new people, starting a new school, new rugby team(s) and all that.

October was Hell weatherwise. Even for England.

November began badly, what with the election and all. Plus I dislocated my finger and will likely bear a lifetime reminder in the form of reduced mobility and possible altered shape of my right little finger. I gotta say, the election depressed me quite a bit. I think at one point I actually said “I want my country back”. And so the future assumed a sense of urgency, I must remain in England, can’t get sent home for fear of living in Bush’s America.

I missed Thanksgiving, and soon it was time for Christmas. Mischa and Johanna showed up for some European escapades on what turned out to be the coldest week of the Winter. And so we three took a brief tour of the capitals of Europe, and their mass transit systems. An adventure, that’s certain.

2004 marked a lot of understated changes in my life. My friends, the ever-constants in my turbulent life, all seemed to be getting on with life and moving on at the same time, so when I turned up fresh from Uni, they weren’t there. Needless to say, this was no fun. Additionally, I took new looks at my career and where it seemed to be going, if anywhere. There is no shortage of depressing articles about how the job market sucks and how designers, of all varieties, are unemployed. Jolly. And while material possessions are only one portion of overall well-being, in my case they helped make me feel like shit quite a bit. Next time you sit in a comfortable chair and drink some Tropicana OJ, think about it. Or, when you want to print out directions to where you are about to drive by car, think about not having a printer at your disposal, let alone a car! And let me tell you, it is plain sick not to have steady internet access.

Adieu 2004. Get thee gone.

End of Semester I

Now that the semester is over, maybe I can actually get some work done.

After a long week of assembling my research notes and writing a paper in one night, we were off to the pub. Tired bunch of MA students we are, yawns by 10:30 and shit. Props to Leisa for being most entertaining drunk, of the night.

January continues…thankfully, without snow.


01 2005

Back to Class

Back to school and back to the Union for school disco. More of the same, not very amusing, not worth £2.50. The ladies were out in numbers though, I will say that.


01 2005

Its beginning to look a lot like…something

Frost is rare in Surrey, lucky for us. Snow will not likely fall any time soon. And yet it is winter in England. The trees have shed their leaves and the wind threatens our fingers and noses with its penetrating, and somewhat mischievous chill. The grass is still green, and rugby is still played at the weekends. So far, we’ve escaped the worst that December rain can dish out.

Lately, I haven’t been up to anything of consequence. Outings to London are rare, visits the Union, growing more seldom, my tendency to carry a camera, fading. My time has been spent largely with books, and in front of the TV, often at the same time. I suppose I can’t blame Winter or TV for my recent lethargy, but that has been my state of late.

The end of term kept me busy with an essay and a few presentations in rapid succession. My research has slowed down, but I feel confident it will be renewed in the upcoming weeks and shopping trips to the Capital, and to Paris, especially with Mischa alongside. I hope to spend my break paying some attention to the D&AD briefs and my own drawing, as well as getting some working done on my project, and its ever-evolving nature.


12 2004

Coloured Lights

Skool Disco as usual, only this time without a flash. Experiments in lighting as the night transpires.


11 2004