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10 Years of Thankfulness

Today is Thanksgiving, and tomorrow is our ten-year reunion. And while I’m not usually the sappy type to list things for which I am thankful, I have to say that over the last ten years, I have a lot to be thankful for. When added up, the past decade has been an immense time for me — learning, seeing, growing, doing — and it has made me the man I am today. So in spite of my less-than-brilliant life situation (eg, broke, single, unemployed), I still have to give thanks.

In the last ten years, I:

  • Moved to Philadelphia
  • Survived my first term at college
  • Made the Dean’s List
  • Learned to play rugby
  • Became good at video games
  • Mastered basic Calculus
  • Visited London
  • Learned to Salsa dance
  • Moved back to Maplewood
  • Got my first [indoor, professional] job
  • Voted in my first Presidential election
  • Became a disgruntled working stiff
  • Got fired
  • Joined a Shakespeare troupe
  • Built websites
  • Attempted Modern Dance
  • Learned to Swing Dance
  • Attempted Ballet
  • Visited Minneapolis
  • Joined a Fraternity
  • Forgot how to Salsa dance
  • Mastered the finer points of Shakespeare
  • Mastered the finer points of Christopher Marlowe
  • Visited London
  • Worked as a graphic designer
  • Read all the Harry Potter books
  • Visited New Orleans
  • Performed modern dance and ballet
  • Finished a degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Moved back to Maplewood
  • Worked an unpaid internship
  • Moved to England
  • Visited London frequently
  • Learned the basics of British culture
  • Voted absentee ballot in a Presidential Election
  • Visited Paris
  • Learned to use Chopsticks
  • Mastered the finer points of British culture
  • Picked up a British accent
  • Waited on line for the midnight release of a Harry Potter book
  • Earned a Master’s Degree in Graphic Communication
  • Moved back to Maplewood
  • Freelanced as a graphic designer
  • Lost a British accent
  • Started a design blog
  • Started a podcast
  • Got a full-time job
  • Moved to Brooklyn
  • Became a disgruntled working stiff
  • Quit a full-time job
  • Returned to Freelancing
  • Trained for a marathon
  • Waited on line for the midnight release of a Harry Potter book
  • Ran a marathon
  • Returned to playing rugby
  • Moved to Jersey City
  • Started a blog about business cards
  • And the rest is just details.

    Thanks to everyone who made the last 10 years necessary.

    Midsummer Night Swing with Charlene

    Met Charlene at Midsummer Night Swing in Lincoln Center to hear 90s favourites Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Ended up not dancing at all. And that was ok. Good to catch up with an old Underground Shakespeare pal, even if we did wade a little deep into the depressing subject of healthcare in America.

    Sweden is looking more and more attractive by the day.

    strange days indeed


    07 2009

    A Philly Weekend

    I was in Philly this weekend. Rode the train. Watched Hamlet. Ate chili. Read a bit. Had coffee with Dave. Watched Bat Boy. Ate Pasta. Met up with parents. Ran a marathon.

    These are photos of the registration and exhibition on the Saturday before the Marathon. A bit hectic, what with all the runners, but generally the race was pretty well organised — especially considering the Marathon is run by the City of Philadelphia itself, not an organisation of some kind. Luckily for us, this means that there is no corporate sponsor inserting it’s name before the “Philadelphia Marathon”.

    strange days indeed

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    strange days indeed

    End of Finals Week, Shakespeare too

    So today is the last day of finals for this term. And, since I don’t have to take finals Spring of Senior year, it is the end of finals forever. So all I have to do is endure one more presentation and some bootleg grammar test and maybe another online test that I don’t know about and its over, bitch, no more finals.

    In the words of Henry V, “Once more unto the breech, dear friends”

    Last night Jay and I went to see the Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged at the Philadelphia Shakespeare Festival, which, by the way, is a glorious misnomer and I would sooner call it the Philadelphia Shakespeare Company, as opposed to festival. Anyway, the show. It was mad funny, thats about the long and short of it. The way I could tell was how Jay was laughing….at Shakespeare. This is a guy who swears by Chris Farley movies and Jack Black music. (Jack Black makes music?). Still, there was just enough old-fashioned Shakespeare to keep me level amidst pop culture references galore and low blows at the Republican Party and intellectuals in general. I could have done without the vomiting as a recurring gag. Oh well.

    Wouldn’t it be grand if I have enough time to just watch plays and write in my weblog. One day…hopefully soon.

    Enough of me saying nothing, I need to go and give a presentation and make up shit on the spot to impress and otherwise-stoic class of soon-to-be lifeless engineering types. I swear, I make it all up as a go along and they are amazed.

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    03 2004

    Measure for Measure

    The Underground Shakespeare Company’s Fall 2003 Main Show: Measure for Measure. And cast party at my flat.


    11 2003

    Halloween, part II

    A little more low-key than yesternight. Party at Jill’s with the USC lot, then back to Drexel. Ariel dressed as the monk and me as Harry Potter, again.


    11 2003

    Pre-Halloween Rehearsal

    Day before Halloween, and we finally got ourselves costumes…for the play that is. I think.


    10 2003

    Goodbye to USC Class of ’03

    Although the photos do not indicate such, this was a strangely emotional night for me. Saying goodbye to the Penn class of ’03 proved difficult since I had grown quite attached to certain members thereof. These were the people I first met when I joined the USC and we have been together ever since. People are now going to be divided, spread across the country, and the globe in pursuit of whatever it is they pursue. Nothing will be the same after tonight.

    And as drunk as Kate was, she felt the same way, because I saw the tears in her eyes as she hugged me goodbye and as I stumbled home in the Philadelphia night. I was sober, but equally as distraught as my drunken counterparts.

    To all, adieu.


    05 2003

    The Rugby Formal

    Our annual rugby formal. This year, at Penn’s campus. Always fun to watch the fellas get drunk and give mock awards to one another pointing out stupid things we have done or said over the past year. Good times.

    Kate, I still love you even though you ditched me to go finish your thesis. Like that matters.


    05 2003

    Class and Rehearsal

    Classes with Steve, Kate and Katrina. Then to Penn for rehearsals for the Cafe. How much I don’t miss classes. How much I do miss the Underground.


    04 2003