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Johanna’s Graduation, part II

Continuing into the work week, Johanna’s graduation ceremonies and rituals (which seem more like a Roman Festival), moved venue to the Ritchie Colosseum, a more intimate gym where we could see students from Johanna’s School of Health and Public Policy receive their degrees. Have their name announced, etc.

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05 2007

Johanna’s Graduation, part I

And then there were none…

Johanna, my dear younger sister, is officially a university graduate. Today, we drove down to Maryland to attend the first leg of her marathon two-part graduation ceremony. First, the scramble and hotel-shuffle to get people from three cities to arrive at the same time. Airports, cards, and lots of caffeine were involved, but eventually we made it to Washington, DC to lunch at Phillip’s, a seafood buffet where we all ate like southerners.

Afterwards, back in the cars and the dash to College Park. Along with the thousands of attendants and graduates, we packed into the Comcast Center — Charles, Mischa, Mum, Papi, my Jewish Grandparents, Uncle Ed and Janice, and her mother Pearl, and I all watched, and laughed and smiled.

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05 2007