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We’re Number One!

Drexel University is, once again, the ugliest college campus in America.

Drexel University's campus
Drexel’s campus, an urban wasteland?

According to a new post on CampusSqueeze, Drexel has beat out the nation’s outdated and unloved universities to take home the dubious honour. I cheekily punched the air and proclaimed “yes” when I read this, however I don’t truly believe this to be the case. However, it’s hard to disagree when you put it like this:

1. Drexel University – Won Ugliest Campus in the Country in 2002 and guess what? No one made any changes. They still have prison-like dorms (shocker) and massive orange, yes orange, brick buildings from the ’70’s. It’s small, sporadic, and basically Philadelphia’s urban dumpster called a higher place of learning. That’s embarassing. The people of Drexel (the administrators, not the students) need to wake up and look around their filthy campus and shape it up.

Mmm, there’s more to it than that…

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12 2007

A Philly Weekend

I was in Philly this weekend. Rode the train. Watched Hamlet. Ate chili. Read a bit. Had coffee with Dave. Watched Bat Boy. Ate Pasta. Met up with parents. Ran a marathon.

These are photos of the registration and exhibition on the Saturday before the Marathon. A bit hectic, what with all the runners, but generally the race was pretty well organised — especially considering the Marathon is run by the City of Philadelphia itself, not an organisation of some kind. Luckily for us, this means that there is no corporate sponsor inserting it’s name before the “Philadelphia Marathon”.

strange days indeed

strange days indeed

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strange days indeed

Ortlieb’s and some stupid bar

Tuesday night we went to Ortlieb’s for perhaps the last time for a long time. I was a good time, lots of great music flowing, people just relaxing, crazy old jazz cats babbling incoherently. Good stuff.

We wound up at New Deck where everyone was 19 and drunk. What the hell. At least there were peanuts.


06 2004

Penn Graduation

So, to Ariel, Davin and the rest of the class of 2004 – adieu, and good luck.


05 2004

Random Drexel and Party

The start of Greek Week and hanging out at Kathleen’s house, amid drunks.


05 2004

The United Colors of Hey Day

I always find it amazing how Penn unites for traditions such as this. I find it hard to describe in words crazy the situation truly is. Luckily I took a whole lot of photos.


04 2004

Latino Banquet

Ariel went to this event so I really don’t have much to say. Casa Latina event at Penn. Ariel, Chris P, and Erik are featured.


04 2004

Party for Pre-Frosh

I wasn’t crazy about the idea of having a party on a Monday night, in fact we still haven’t put the living room back together (9 days later) but it was actually sort fun.

18-year-olds are SO funny. They are so possessive in nature and bloody uptight, especially about the opposite sex.

I met a girl this night. Unless there is some cosmic series of random events, we will likely never meet again. Pity.


04 2004

Party at Toto

LUL threw a party at Toto. Jay and I were there. Lot’s of drunk people, crowded dance floor, overpriced drinks, you know how it goes.


02 2004

Delta Chapter at Rutgers

Men will travel for miles at the chance to meet women. Now, for us, it was a bit different because Rutgers are our boys.

As always, I am disappointed with this sort of a social setting, but it was nice to see the fellas again, especially those I hadn’t seen in a while. I didn’t note any of these girls, in case you’d think otherwise.

Whatever, I don’t know what I’m talking about.


12 2003