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Help Me Move to Manhattan

I haven’t yet begun a full-scale social media campaign, but I am posting here on my most personal of blogs that I am officially looking to move to Manhattan. Actually, it’s not that “official”, I just am. If you are reading this, whoever you are, please connect me to any family or friends who may have an apartment for me.

I am looking solo (studios and 1-bedrooms, probably way uptown), as well as for roommates who would be interested in a mutual apartment hunt. I’ll also consider a “roommate needed” situation, where I join an existing domestic situation, but that’s less likely. Still, I’ll hear it out.

Looking to spend less than $1500/month for my share. Any more than this simply isn’t responsible.

Currently I’m month-to-month in my apartment so I can move as soon as I find something (plus a few days to pack my shit up, of course. Not like I’m on the run from the law.)

You’re probably asking three questions. The first: “Can you afford Manhattan?” No. Not really. No one moves to Manhattan because it’s a bargain. Second: “What’s wrong with Jersey City?” Nothing, it’s just dull. It’s where you go once you and your long-term girlfriend have had enough of Manhattan drama. Third: “What’s wrong with Brooklyn?” I used to live in Brooklyn. It’s more expensive than JC, and since I don’t work there or play there, I really don’t want to be there. The only neighbourhood I’m familiar with is Williamsburg and I don’t wanna move back there.


09 2012

Getting organized

Getting organized

Bought myself a nice chrome rack. These are usually situated in the garage — or maybe the kitchen — but this one lives in my studio, which is really the bedroom, had I layed-out this apartment in the conventional fashion.

There are numerous plusses and minuses about this apartment, and the lack of storage definitely lives in the latter category. With only one closet, there is no place for off-season stuff like air conditioners. There's no basement or hallway storage, so I can't stash paint and spare blankets and other crap. And so I stack.



10 2011