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What happens in Atlantic City …

Apparently, there is a provision of the Bro Code that stipulates how we are forbidden from taking photos during a bachelor party. It’s not without good reason — photographs are evidence, and generally we’d like to keep [incriminating] evidence from our wives (and wives-to-be). But I don’t think Jay, or Stephanie, will mind these shots — a collection of candid moments from our hotel stay, dinner, bar hopping, and the transits in between.

But obviously we humble few aren’t the only ones who agree that photography isn’t a good idea — one of the oddly notable spots we visited required everyone to coat-check his phone and/or camera. So whatever happened in those hours is lost to history.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, yes, Atlantic City is in fact a shithole. In the absence of gambling, we may have been in Rahway or Camden, or any other less-than-shiny Jersey town.

Highlights of the night include random schmoozing with other bachelor/ette parties, getting really drunk, laughter at one another’s expenses, Bruce Fulda impressions, pointing out the enduring knuckleheadedness of Pete Connolly, slapping those with unfortunate suntans, eating bad Italian food, and the open expression of totally-hetero, manly, brotherly affection.

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A summary of events.

strange days indeed

strange days indeed

strange days indeed

strange days indeed

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07 2009