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Dance Alumni

Strange Days Indeed
Jason, Miriam, and Scott, reunited.

As I do, I have returned to Drexel so I may watch my younger, bendier, gracefuller successors in the Dance Ensemble perform their twice-annual concert. Many alumni attend, not only to enjoy the show itself, but to show solidarity for the present crop of dancers.

This time around, James, Diane, and other alumni organised a bit of an after party for some gracious alumni to meet, mingle, eat greasy food, and talk about when we were young and agile. Photos and inside jokes were shared.

The night was fun. Got to see a few of the girls I danced with (and occasionally bled with). Got to briefly chat with Miriam, head of the dance department and very much a mentor to me at Drexel (and one-time victim of a Fruedian slip when I called her “mum”). Jason, my fellow male dancer turned up. Later in the night I stayed at Brittany’s. Good times. And yet I only snapped the one photo.


01 2010