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Class of 1999, Ten Years Later

An event ten years in the making, here reunited is Columbia High School’s class of 1999.

The event is strange for two reasons: First, I have had the privilege to remain very close with my high school friends. In general, I don’t refer to them as my high school friends, by merely as “my friends”, since I have only a handful of new friends gained in the ten years since. There’s only a few people from college I’m close to, and my grad school chums are scattered across the map. I’ve made a few new pals since working in New York, but generally, these old boys are the ones who stand beside me. And thus I’ve obviously been keeping up with them these many years.

Second, we live in the future. Between Facebook, MySpace, Email, IMs, and Twitter, it’s harder than ever to “lose touch” as it was in years of lore. I know who’s married and who’s single, who has children, who finished college, who visited Japan, who ran a marathon, who got fat, who looks exactly the same. And so seeing them isn’t a great shock. That and we’ve been seeing one another for ten years during those annual mini-reunions during the Thanksgiving holidays.

Still, this was anticipated, and in the end, a fun time was had.

First, to Eddie’s house. Then to Cryan’s. I’ve said that more times than I care to recount.

strange days indeed

strange days indeed

strange days indeed

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