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Jay and Steph’s Wedding, 1/3

Following a five-year romance, my best friend Jay and his love Stephanie have performed the necessary rituals, and paperwork, to become husband and wife. The ceremony was held at The Manor, is West Orange, providing a scenic old-world backdrop for the occasion. Because the whole affair started at 11:00 am, it seemed more of a breakfast party than anything else, with a welcome reception of coffee and danishes before we took our seats.

Luckily, the wedding ceremony itself was short and tidy, removing most of the flowery religious language and all the sitting and standing that sometimes accompanies ancient rites. Considering it was all held in the August midday sun, perhaps that was a good idea. We all nearly melted, but held it together long enough to se them say “I do.”

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“James, you may now kiss your bride.”

Jay being the first of my really close friends to be married, this was the first time I attended a wedding as a peer, free of family, and also the first time I can recall attending a non-Puerto Rican wedding. Turns out I’m a rubbish Catholic, missing all the cues during the ceremony. Once again, the PRs prove themselves the masters of casual, even among other Catholics.

I suffered through a sort of oddness in anticipation. It sounded strange to me to say the words “Jay is getting married” and to hear him use the word FiancĂ©e, but those feelings quickly wore off and the day felt like any other. And I don’t mind getting all dressed up once in a while, it keeps us slobs honest, because otherwise we’d be wearing OR scrubs or knackered old cargo pants from 1997.

strange days indeed

strange days indeed

strange days indeed

strange days indeed

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08 2009